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Hi Friends!!!! My name is Talisa, I am the founder and designer of Tendu. Thanks for stopping by! Tendu is an empowering active line created for woman of all ages to enjoy. Here is my Tendu journey...... 




Act 1: The Stage
I started dancing at four with Denise Lester Dance Academy and became a competitive studio dancer. I absolutely loved it! The feeling of stepping onto a stage, with your group, after months of training, knowing in your heart you are going to crush it together; was unreal. 
Act 2: Raptors Life
After the studio, I auditioned for the Toronto Raptors Dance Pak and joined the team at nineteen. Dancing for the Toronto Raptors was an amazing experience. I danced for the team from 2004 - 2008, then again in 2014 when I danced with the Alumni Team. Performing for a stadium of over 19,000 fans was epic. I danced at every home game, volunteered for charity events, performed at promo events, travelled to China and all over Canada representing the Toronto Raptors organization; all while being a full time student. Being an NBA Dancer was the sweetest part time job! The pak helped me realize how beautiful diversity is and that being different is a great thing. I was no longer shy, I was a fighter and ready for my next challenge.   
 Act 3: Education Is Power
After completing my degree at York University, I wasn't sure what to do with my BA. I attended the International Academy of Design and received my Fashion Marketing & Merchandising Diploma. I found this very helpful because I was taught by industry leaders who opened my eyes to different fields in fashion. I was most inspired by my buying teacher, I knew I wanted to design, plan assortments, learn how to manage budgets and of course travel;)
 Act 4: New Friends
I worked for multiple Canadian retailers starting out as an Assistant Buyer, then eventually became a Senior Buyer. It was hard and very cut throat but I am ever grateful for all the opportunities I was granted over the years. I was fortunate enough to travel all over the world representing the companies I worked for. Yearly I travelled to Europe for trend research and sample shopping, Las Vegas for Magic, New York and LA for vendor meetings and China to hand select fabrics and work with vendors directly. After working as a buyer for eight years I realized although I appreciated everything, I was not fulfilled and wanted more for myself.
Act 5: Inspiration Is Everywhere
I attended a Yoga Retreat in Costa Rica, and returned a new woman. Travelling alone was one of the best experiences of my life. I found peace with where I was in my life and came back inspired and driven. I knew in my heart if I ever wanted to start my own line it had to be now. I could keep working for other amazing companies or I could make a name for myself. If you are reading this, you know what I did next!!!! #Tendu xo
Act 6: Be Strong, Be Sexy, Be A Boss Everyday #TENDU
I created Tendu because I love doing activities. I love wearing athletic outfits but the fashioniesta side of me always wanted to look fabulous regardless of what I was doing. If you have to put clothes on, I say they should say something about your personality. I felt that the sports bras I previously owned were boring, meant to be covered up, not shown off. 
Tendu was created by a dancer but made for active women everywhere. When I stopped dancing and started my fashion career I naturally gained weight. I was sitting in an office, working crazy late hours and my diet was all over the place. I realized something, I like being active, moving makes me feel good. I needed to incorporate activity into my life everyday. The one thing I put on no matter what class I took was always a sports bra!
Currently my friends and I take classes every week, it is a fun way to stay in shape and socialize with people. My favourite activities are, body pump, cycle, yoga, barre, dance, boxing, rock climbing and going for walks. I am the worst runner, so my friends and I mostly walk it out and chat with coffee ;)
I love wearing sports bras because they are super comfortable. We all wear them, why not make them hot? Thus Tendu was born, I wanted to merge my Raptors Dance Pak Style with my years of experience in the fashion industry. I am Canadian and I also wanted to help the Canadian economy grow so I designed my line in Toronto and manufacture it in Canada, generating the highest quality garment possible. I hope you like the line, email me at any time and share your feedback!
 Act 7: & The Beat Goes On.....
Thank you for reading, please share your fabulous pictures with us on social media by using #Tendu and #Tendubabes so we can share in your journey as well.


Thank You Kindly & Namaste,
Love Talisa T. xo  





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