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Here is how we are giving back to our front line workers....


A message from the founder ...

The start of 2020 has been tough for everyone. On behalf of TENDU we hope you and your families are self-isolating and staying safe at home during these pandemic times. 

Last month I was 39 weeks pregnant, barely able to walk, waddling around, while non-stop working and planning the launch of my new Star-Crossed Lovers Collection. With my first baby on the way, I remember thinking I wanted to get everything finished before our little one arrived. I had already hand selected local dancers and booked our team for the campaign photoshoot, but on the day of the shoot, at 3:30am my water broke. Needless to say we rushed to the hospital and TENDU’s photoshoot was put on hold. After battling through 17.5 hours of labor, my incredible baby girl was born! Shout out to all the badass mom's who give birth and raise kids.

I could not have given birth to my daughter without the help of all the wonderful frontline healthcare workers who support women like myself bring new life into the world. Thank you to the numerous nurses and doctors who helped me bring my baby girl Kaia home safely.

For this I wanted to do what I can to give back to those that are making sacrifices and putting themselves at risk for our community. The Global spread of COVID-19 shows us that we must all join forces to help flatten the curve and power through this time together.

In addition to Shopping Local and supporting our Canadian Small Business, for the month of May, with every purchase of our new Star-Crossed Lovers Collection, 10% of proceeds will be donated to the frontline workers at Markham Stouffville Hospital to say thank you for helping our community stay safe and support me through labor. 

Since being discharged from the hospital, COVID-19 has spread globally and self-isolation is in full effect. To keep my team safe I immediately cancelled our scheduled photoshoot and decided to put all on-site creatives on hold until further notice. Rather than onto holding the collection, I decided to launch without a beautiful campaign and to let my collection speak for itself. As a small business owner I hope you understand the natural appearance of our site and choose to #StayHomeWithTENDU.

Thank you for shopping local, supporting our small business and helping Canadian brands stay afloat during these troubling times.



Founder | Creative Director, TENDU Active

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